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Water Extraction, Cleanup & Restoration

Floods can strike without any warning, and you can find your home or business knee deep in water. If your home or business is damaged by water you need to act quickly and call for professional water damage restoration assistance. At Bright Restoration, we are the most qualified to quickly assess and restore your home or business with minimal interference.

Recovering From Your Losses

We at Bright Restoration understand that flooding and water damage is incredibly stressful and that you may not be prepared for the impact it will have on your home or business. That’s why our specialists are on call to respond to your emergency needs whenever flooding or water damage may occur.

At Your Side During Your Time of Need

You can rely on our highly trained staff to come to your home or business and dry its structure and contents. Our staff is versed in using top of the line drying methods to restore your home or business to normal as well as salvage your belongings. Armed with high-tech monitoring equipment, we are able to detect the presence of moisture anywhere, including under floors and behind walls. We will take immediate action to prevent the buildup of mold, mildew, and other harmful microorganisms associated with water damage. Our water damage restoration procedures involve specialized air movers that concentrate large amounts of air along floors, carpets, and walls in order to hasten drying time. In crucial situations, we have dehumidifiers to regain control of the environment.

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